Effectiveness and Influence

  • Leadership ability determines your effectiveness.

Process and Navigation​

  • Growth takes place outside your comfort zone. 

Trust and Respect

  • Mature leaders listen, learn and then lead.

Keys to connecting

  • live your message and give People Hope

EMpowering and Buy In

  • Leading well is about empowering others.

Priorities and Sacrifice

  • The heart of good Leadership is sacrifice 
LEAD Leaders Network - Leadership Development

This 12 month program is designed for individuals who want to increase their effectiveness and grow their leadership.  Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership. We look forward to working with you!

Getting Bottom Line Results

  • Keys to effective leadership

Creating a Leadership Culture

  • Key elements of effective communication

Managing and Leading Organizations

  • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Thinking

Leading Change

  • The importance of purpose and engagement

Transforming Organizations

  • from the top down and committed from the inside out.

Intentionally Creating Teams 

  • Adopting a team mindset

Intentional Leadership Features 12 Modules with Teaching and Live Discussion